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When you gaze at a wilting flower, there is a fleeting moment when it becomes transparent.

I feel that it is the instant when its life force is departing, going back to another realm.

At that moment, I sense that I can visualize its life, which is otherwise invisible.

If there are tranquility and vigor in the principal balance of life, what I am trying to capture is that flash when vigor turns into tranquility, or when tranquility turns into vigor.

As in nature, it is the magic hour when it is neither day nor night.

It is the liminal time when the outline of the world around you becomes obscure.

Aurora Borealis dancing in the night sky.

Or cicada pupa ecloses to turn into the imago.

In the time when I am trying to capture and visualize that instant of life, my own life is in vigor.

I am totally immersed in catching that exact moment.

My life is on fire to the extent that I become oblivious to my own existence. 

If life becomes transparent when it is totally combusted, I may be in the process of becoming transparent.

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