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Emi Fujita was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1987. Her works are mixed media glass objects and jewelry. She began her career in arts at the age of 15, while still a student at Vantan High School, majoring in Fashion. She acquired an M.F.A. degree from Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan,majoring in Glass. After graduating from Tama Art University, she established her flame-working studio in Kanagawa, Japan. She attended a workshop at the Niijima International Glass Art Festival in 2010, where she was awarded a scholarship to go to Pilchuck Glass School in the summer of 2011. She returned to Pilchuck again in 2013 and 2014 for further studies. She also returned to Niijima International Glass Art Festival from 2012 to 2014 as a staff member, attended Pilchuck Glass School as a summer staff member, and as a TA since 2018.
After 2015, She has started going back and forth between Japan and North America. She lived in Vancouver, Canada for two years with a working holiday visa and visitor visa from 2015 to 2017, and then moved back to Japan after that, and started to come to North America only during the summer. During that time she was in Vancouver, she showed her works in group exhibitions and craft events, apprenticed in several artists' studios, and attended workshops and demonstrated in several locations. In Canada, she taught two workshops as well. She also studied English so she can communicate better with all her mentors and friends. 
After moving back to Japan, she has organized two workshops, inviting renowned artists from abroad, and exhibited in several group shows. Also, she apprenticed in a scientific glass blowing studio to learn the techniques. 
Currently, she is based in Kanagawa, Japan with her studio at home where she does her creative works, and also works as an instructor at the Guri Kobo Studio, teaching flameworking.

bio: 略歴
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